We’re always very busy working on our Generator and maintaining our Servers, we also spend a lot of time making sure the process works perfectly for the end user. As we all know sometimes things just don’t go your way luckily our team have created a Frequently Asked Questions page to answer some of the questions we get asked on a daily basis. This should save you time and prevent you from having to submitting a support email. If your question is not answered here please send us an email here if need be.

We are constantly adding to our F.A.Q page so if you think there are any important questions left unanswered then get in touch and we will update the Frequently Asked Questions.

How do I get free Robux?

Simply head over to our Roblox hack page Enter your Roblox Username, select a package from the package selection and then complete the survey, once completed you will receive the quantity you selected. As easy as 1-2-3.

Why do I have to complete a Survey?

We understand that surveys aren’t your preferred way of proving your not a bot, however when we did not have any “Human Verification” process our system was getting spammed by bots generating Robux at ridiculous quantities. This lead to our cheat becoming detected much faster and also slowing down the delivery rate. The surveys should not take any longer than 2-3 minutes and mobile surveys usually consist of downloading an app and then opening the app. Once that is complete you may remove the app from your mobile and you will have passed the human verification, as easy as that!

I completed a Survey but never received my Robux

In the rare case that you completed a Survey but never received your Robux, Please email us at support@freeroboxhack.com and one of our super friendly Team will assist you. Before doing so you are welcome to retry the process, this time making sure entries such as your username is entered correctly.

Can I generate my desired amount of Robux?

We currently have no custom options, at the moment we have 5 Robux packages to choose from. We may be introducing a slider where the user can interact and select his / hers desired amount of Robux to generate. We apologise if this causes any inconvenience for the time being.

How many times can I use the generator for one account?

Great question, we currently allow one username submission per 24 hours (one day). For example if you generate Package #1 the next time you will be able to generate Robux will be 24 hours after.

We also recommend a “cool off” period, only use our generator when needed, although we haven’t had a single account banned or penalised we believe its always better to be safe than sorry. So please be careful when generating and leave a short period in between.