¬†Welcome to freerobloxhack.com Voted The Best Roblox hack service for 3 consecutive years! We’re a group compiled of 17 Software Engineers, who take pride in the satisfaction and enjoyment of our users. combined we have over 200 Years of experience in Software engineering dating back to 2005.

We first began our journey into Roblox Hacking in early 2012, Once completed our Robux Generator became extremely popular, averaging 27,000 Generations per month. Since then we have had over 2 Million Generations.

We created this hack tool upon popular demand from many users who use our game hacking forums, since then we have had good attention and bad attention, the good being from users who loved our service and the bad from the Roblox creators themselves. Our website has already been taken down twice, as they claim “It gives certain users an unfair advantage” we simply believe it enhances a users experience in the game meaning they will have hours of enjoyment rather than minutes.

Since creation as far as we know we are the only Legitimate Robux generator on the net, and it doesn’t look like that’s going to change anytime soon! We spent thousands of hours combined coding our generator to work for every user, We still spend a lot of time improving our generator and security to ensure users Roblox accounts will not be banned or penalised. We achieve this by simply sending up to 12 data packets, which tricks the game into thinking you have earned your Robux legitimately. We also allocate upto 12 High anonymity proxies for each packet which we send to the Roblox server, this ensures the Roblox server’s will never be able to trace them.