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Roblox is a type of social network where players have the convenience of selecting their game play. The moment you log on to Roblox, you may find that the graphical features are very much identical to Minecraft. In recent times, this has also managed to gain immense popularity amongst players.

With its growing popularity, players have always dreamt of free Robux. There are numerous Youtube videos and tutorials that may guarantee you to help get free Robux, but most of them cannot be trusted. Free download programs that offer you with free Robux guarantee can also be dangerous.

We’ve got you covered Noobs!

If you are new to Roblox you will soon get to grips with Robux and understand that virtually everything is ran using this currency. By using our unique undetectable hack you are able to generate large amounts of Robux completely free or charge, how great is that? The best part about it is there is not risk of being banned if you use our hack properly and safely.

We launched our website at the beginning of 2017 but have been creating such hacks since 2009, because the demand for FREE roblox was so high we thought it was about time we created a site purely dedicated to the generation of Robux. Our coders work tirelessly around the clock to make sure the hack stays undetectable and is working at all times. If you wish to find our more about our team have a read on our about us page by clicking here.

If your ready to get started and are eager to earn some FREE Robux then simply follow the instructions below if you get stuck remember we offer support with a 48 hour response time, enjoy!

How to use our Roblox Hack?

Step 1

Simply enter your Roblox username below, once entered make sure you have spell checked your username to make sure you have made no errors. If you are happy with the entry select Submit username on which you will be redirected to our Package selection.

Step 2

On the package selection page you will have a choice of six packages to choose from, the packages are exactly the same as what the game has to offer except its totally FREE of charge! After selecting which package you like hit “Get this package” button and proceed to step 3.

Step 3 ( Final Step )

After selecting your package you will have to prove you’re not a pesky robot. Either by “I am not a robot captcha” or by completing a quick and easy survey. Once you have completed the survey / captcha you will then have your selected package released to your account. Enjoy!

No Password Required!

We do not require your password to be able to deliver your selected package of FREE Robux. All we require is the accounts username and that’s it. In-fact any company / organisation claiming they require your password to deliver the Robux are most probably trying to gain access to your account and hack your account. Account security is very important for us, we take all necessary steps to make sure our users are 100% safe at all times.

Step1) Enter your username!



You’re not at risk!

By using our Roblox Cheat / hack your account is at no risk, we are proud to say no accounts have ever been penalised or banned for using our service. Please bare in mind you may only use our generator once a day (24 hours). If you attempt to use it again our system will detect the same username and decline access to the package selection. This is for the safety of your account and our hack from being abused and detected. We hope you understand.

What makes us number 1?

Our main priority is the satisfaction of our users, Our company motto is ‘A happy user is a returning user’ We are not just in it for the money, Of course money is an important factor to any development company, but developing is more than just a job to us! we are driven by the happiness of our users, That’s why we have a feedback email where you can email us and let us know what we could improve with our projects! Email us now and we’ll try our hardest to get back to you.

Account security

roblox encryptionWe use state of the art technology to fool the Roblox server into thinking every request we send to them is 100% genuine. We do not send false data, we just alter their data to send the requested Robux to your account.

Easy Alternate Methods to get FREE Robux

Method 1 – Design your own game
Your requirements:-
– Little knowledge of programming.
– Creativity.
–  Builders club.
You need to keep in mind that game creators always have much better chance to earn big Robux for free. You can sell your game including VIP upgrades and much more! Method 1 is most likely the most rewarding way to earn free robux but it can also be time consuming due to the amount of work you must put in.

Check out some game modes people created to give you some creativity on making your own, see our blog post here: Roblox Game modes.

Method 2- Collectibles and exchanges
Your requirements:-
– You can invest in purchasing limited items and collectables.
– You just need your builder club.
– You need to add few Robux to your existing account.

Some limited items and collectables include hairstyles, weapon systems, faces, hats etc. These are the items that can be used by the players for decorating their best Roblox characters.
Once the players know that your items are limited then they will try and invest in purchasing it. You can exchange them for Robux in your account.

Simple yet less effective!

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